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The Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) program assists qualified unemployed individuals in becoming self-employed and starting a business in New Jersey.

Once an individual is approved for the program the benefits of the SEA program include:

  • Weekly SEA compensation in place of unemployment benefits
  • A waiver of the work search requirement while actively engaged in the self-employment activities; such as attending a mandatory 60-hour business course over a 4 to 6 week period and devoting time to starting the business
  • Counseling and technical assistance in developing a business plan

How to Apply:
Visit the nearest One-Stop Career Center and speak to a Counselor. If you are qualified you will be scheduled for a SEA workshop and required to complete an application.  A counselor will review your application and notify you by mail if you are accepted in the program.

SEA training classes are provided at participating community colleges. Some example of the course provided:

  • How to write successful business and marketing plans
  • What to know about taxes
  • What to know about Human Resources Legal issues



  • Street: 3810 New Jersey Avenue
  • Postcode: 08260-0210
  • City: Wildwood
  • State: NJ


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