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The Ocean City Fishing Club was started in the summer of 1913 and is the oldest continuously operated fishing club in the country. A handful of surf fishermen met on the beach in Ocean City, NJ to pool their efforts towards a common goal of sportsmanship and fellowship. The first meeting of the club was held on August 15, 1913 with twelve members enrolled..

The Objectives of the Club:

  • To advance, promote, and enjoy the sport of fishing in the State;
  • To better protect the fish of the State, and
  • To prevent the violation of the laws thereof relative to fish and fishing, and to that end to advance and secure laws through the Legislature for that purpose;
  • To protect the food of game and edible fish, and generally
  • To promote the interest of rod and reel angling; and
  • To establish social intercourse and good fellowship among the members of the Club.


  • Street: 14th Street and Boardwalk, P.O. Box 1215
  • Postcode: 08226
  • City: Ocean City
  • State: NJ

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