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Book Newsletters

Subscribe to monthly newsletters about new books based on age, genre, and more.

In addition to the monthly newsletters, Select Reads has some new features:

  • AuthorSpotlight - The AuthorSpotlights are newsletters patrons can subscribe to, or just browse through. They feature authors from a variety of different categories and offer descriptions of that person’s work, an example title, and some title suggestions based on that author.
  • Awards Lists - SelectReads has many awards lists available for patrons to browse. Each list has an explanation of the award and once a patron chooses to view an entry, they can easily check our catalog to see if a title is available.
  • My Select Reads - This allows patrons to essentially create their own weekly newsletters. Patrons can type in keywords and receive emails with recently added titles containing their interests.

Select Reads

You can choose different newsletters based on your interests. You will get an email once a month for each newsletter.

New Book Alerts - Next Good Book

New Book Alerts is a free online service that showcases the newest titles purchased by your local library.
You can select to receive alerts via email and/or RSS feeds. If you see a new title that you are interested in, just click "check catalog" to place a hold on the item right away.

Author Check

Author Check is a library service enabling you to create a list of your favorite authors that are currently available in your library’s catalog. You will receive an email notice as soon as the library orders a new title by one of your authors, with a link into the catalog to place your own hold!


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