Cape May County Library

Code of Conduct

The library staff strives to make this facility an inviting place for all people. It is the intent of the library that all customers should be able to use its facilities to the maximum extent possible during its regularly scheduled hours.

This Code of Conduct has been developed to minimize situations in which any library customer interferes with the legitimate library business of other customers and staff, to protect the safety of all library customers and staff, and to protect library property. Patrons are expected to follow the Code ofConduct. Anyone refusing to follow the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave. Thank you for your cooperation.

• Library entrance areas, aisles and passageways will be kept clear and unobstructed.
• Bicycles will be kept in bike racks
• Customers will wear appropriate clothing; including shoes and shirts.
• Library customers will use their own library cards.
• Rollerblades, skateboards, and heelies will not be used in the library
• Only beverages with lids and snack foods are permitted in the library
• Cell phones kept on vibrate are permitted in the library
• Customers will refrain from using profanity
• Customers will not engage in noisy or disruptive behavior; including running, throwing, loud talking, fighting, pushing, shoving, and will not create an intimidating or hostile environment for library staff and customers.
• Customers will comply with the library's Internet Acceptable Use Policy
• The library and its grounds are a no-soliciting zone.
• Library furniture and equipment will be treated responsibly.
• Volume on audio equipment will be kept low so that the sound will not bother others.
• Library visitors will maintain a reasonable level of hygiene.
• Alcohol is not to be brought into or consumed in the library.
• Illegal activity includes but is not limited to: vandalism, drug possession or use, public drunkenness, verbal, physical and sexual harassment.


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