061216 Pond

Date: 6/13/2016
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Frogs, toads, and dragonflies all need freshwater ponds for egg laying to create future generations. Even a tiny pond will attract and support them. Learn what a true wildlife pond is and how simple it is to create – with no need for running water, filters, fish, and all the fuss. Pat Sutton will share the basics of how to create a wildlife pond and, even more importantly, how to maintain it so that wildlife benefits.

Pat Sutton has studied the natural world for thirty years. She and her husband, Clay Sutton, wrote the landmark book “Birds and Birding at Cape May,” an in-depth result of their efforts over many years documenting and protecting the migration and the Cape May area. Sutton’s wildlife garden is a teaching garden included on many tours. For more information, go to Pat and Clay’s website:

Library: Cape May Court House Library - Storytime Room

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